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Motherlode-Adventures in Parenting: Mothers are rare sights on the coach’s bench for youth sports at every level. By KJ Dellantonia

Balls And Strikes Magazine: When a girl has the “want”, everything
else she needs to be a fierce success story will find its way to her.
Essay by Stef Daniel

Balls And Strikes Magazine interviews Chattanooga ASA JO Commissioner Kim Swafford.

The Big Dance:  ASA Athlete Katie Meuhe says, "While a National Championship lasts less than a week, the memories last a lifetime."-Balls And Strikes SOFTBALL Magazine- September 2010

Positive Coaching Alliance: As a parent or athlete you’ve noticed it, and as a coach you may even have recognized it in yourself: the temptation and tendency to “over coach” during competition. 

Positive Coaching Alliance: One of the utlimate Ironies of youth and high school sports occurs when coaches discipline "lazy" players by making them run. 

As Girls Become Women, Sports Pay Dividends - The New York Times
Sports Participation for Girls & Women: The Foundation Position - Women's Sports Foundation
"Why Don't More Moms Coach?"

"Do You Have The Want?"

"What Makes A National Championship"

The Big Dance - ASA National Championship

Ins & Outs of Overcoaching:

Responsible Forms of Discipline:

Girls Youth Sports Benefits:

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