• Base distance shall be 60 feet.
  • A 20 ft. arc from home plate is foul territory.
  • A 30 ft. arc from home plate is an area where no defensive player is allowed in until the ball is hit.            Penalty:  Offensive team has the choice of taking the play or batting again.
  • The pitching rubber will be 35 feet from the back of home plate or there can be no pitching rubber placed on the field.
  • A half-way line will be marked between the bases.  The umpire’s ruling on whether the player washalfway or not is a judgment call.
  • The outfield fence is to be a minimum of 120 feet and a maximum of 140 feet.

  • Each team may have a maximum of 4 coaches in the dugout.
  • Two defensive coaches will be allowed on the playing field.  They must be 3 feet behind the baseline while the ball is in play.
  • One offensive coach will be allowed in the first and third base coach’s box.

  • Shoes with rubber cleats may be worn.  No metal or hard cleats will be allowed.
  • Batting helmets with chin straps must be worn by all batters and all runners.
  • If a player deliberately removes their helmet during live play, a team warning will be issued.  If a player removes their helmet after receiving a warning, the player will be called out.
  • Catchers must wear a helmet with a faceguard and a faceguard will be optional for the player in the pitcher’s circle.
  • Batting tees will be provided by each team.
  • An approved softball or tee ball bat will be used.  The diameter of the barrel shall not exceed 2.25 inches.
  • The official ball must be marked 11 inch .44 core ASA approved ball.
  • Shirts of similar color with a number must be worn.

  • A regulation game shall consist of 5 innings or one hour time limit unless numerically eliminated by the run rule.
  • If a tie exists after 5 innings of play or a one hour time limit, the ASA international tie breaker rule will be in effect.

  • Each batter will receive five pitches before being called out unless that last pitch is fouled.  If a foul ball is hit, the batter will continue.
  • Bunting is not allowed.  Penalty:  A strike will be called on the batter. 
  • A no pitch will be called if the batter unintentionally knocks the ball off the tee.
  • The coach is responsible for removing the tee from home plate after each batter.
  • Any player who slings the bat will receive a warning.  If the player slings the bat a second time; the player will be called out. 
  • A base-runner who leaves the base before the ball is hit will be called out.
  • Assisting a runner by a team member will result in the runner being called out.
  • The offensive coach or batter may adjust the batting tee with no penalty.
  • The batter must receive at least three pitches before using the batting tee.  The batter will have 2 unsuccessful attempts from the tee unless the last attempt is a foul ball.

  • Up to 15 players will be allowed on the field.
  • Defensive players cannot roll the ball underhanded or unintentionally roll the ball overhanded. Penalty:  The runner will be called safe.
  • The infield fly rule does not apply.
  • When the lead runner is stopped by a defensive player, with the ball, time shall be called at the discretion of the umpire.
  • The player playing the pitcher position will maintain one foot in the pitcher’s circle until the ball is hit.  Exception:  If the umpire determines that for safety reasons, the pitcher should be moved back, the pitcher may move within 3 feet of the pitchers circle and directly behind the pitcher’s circle. 
  • The coach may appeal a player missing a base after time has been called.

  • A team may consist of up to 15 players.
  • A player’s playing age is determined by the age that player is on January 1st of the playing year.
  • All players and teams must be registered members of ASA to be eligible for championship play.

  • All play is governed by ASA Rules unless otherwise stated within these rules.
This page was last updated: April 29, 2012
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